The thing on your Thanksgiving table to be the most thankful for

What are you most thankful for this year?  Of the things on your table, the item that may actually be the most important may be what you take most for granted – micronutrients.

Micronutrients include things like iron, Vitamin A, and iodine, which are consumed naturally in our diet and also included in some of the foods we buy, such as iodized salt.  Much of the world lacks access to these important ingredients, and micronutrient deficiency is one of the leading causes of malnourishment and hunger.

Two billion people worldwide are malnourished, accounting for 7.3% of the global disease burden. Poor nutrition disproportionately impacts children under five, accounting for nearly half of their deaths (45%).  And while malnutrition has dropped by 24% in the last 20 years in developing countries (see chart), it remains a pressing global problem.

Malnutrition 2014

How can you combat global malnutrition? Distributing nutrient-rich foods, vitamins, Iodine supplements are cost-effective interventions for reducing hunger.  Organizations such as The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition and The Iodine Global Network provide stable, cost effective methods for adding iodine to existing food supplies in developing countries.  Project Health Children distributes fortification devices that allow communities to empower themselves with tools that fortify the foods they naturally consume. Fortifying salt is extremely cost effective – just $10 can fortify salt for anywhere from 50 to 500 people for one year.

This Thanksgiving, consider giving thanks by providing nutrients to those in need by clicking here.

About Agora’s No Hunger Fund:

Agora for Good collaborates with leading researchers to develop an ‘index fund’ of top nonprofits addressing key global issues.  Distributing nutrient-rich foods, vitamins, Iodine supplements and free school lunches are some the most cost-effective means of reducing global hunger.

Based on research conducted by The Life You Can Save and Agora’s evaluation process, three nonprofits have been selected in this fund.  Executive Director of The Life You Can Save Charlie Bresler says, “It’s tragic that so much of the world still suffers from hunger and malnutrition, but each of us has the opportunity to help real people and families escape from these traps.”

–          The Iodine Global Network: Leading the global fight to eliminate iodine deficiency.

–         Project Healthy Children: Assisting with the design and implementation of national food fortification programs.

–            The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition: Creating a world without malnutrition.

About Agora for Good:

Agora is a new platform that allows individuals to build personal ‘virtual foundations.’  Agora makes funding exceptional nonprofits easy and delightful. Donors can give to their favorite nonprofits (e.g. alma maters) and discover the best nonprofits working in a variety of sectors which represent the most pressing issues facing the globe today.

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