This holiday season, give the gift of clean water.

Did you know out of every ten people, one lacks access to drinking water, and three lack access to sanitation?

Water and sanitation are two of the most critical elements required to save lives and lift the global poor out of poverty.  The consequences of water-related diseases cause 6% of all deaths globally. Interventions are known and proven, and highly cost-effective: estimates suggest donating $1 to water and sanitation results in between $5 to over $40 in economic benefits.  

The widespread lack of global sanitation and water is surprisingly simple to address.  Highly effective nonprofits such as Water for People can provide those in need with clean water for an entire year for roughly one dollar.  Groups like Sanergy  and IDE are developing new solutions to provide the urban poor with toilets and sanitation.  These highly effective nonprofits tend to spend less on marketing and outreach to donors, which makes them hard to find – but high impact to support.

So this Thanksgiving, give thanks for one of the things we tend to take most for granted – clean water.  And, consider giving water to those in need by clicking here.

About the Water and Sanitation Fund:

Agora for Good collaborates with leading researchers to develop an ‘index fund’ of top nonprofits addressing key global issues.  Building sanitation facilities, organizing waste management systems, collaborating with governments, and training sanitation workers are some the most effective means of improving water and sanitation access.  

Based on research conducted by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and Agora’s evaluation process, three nonprofits have been selected in this fund:

         Water for People: Bringing safe water and sanitation to 4 million people.

         Sanergy: Building healthy, prosperous communities with access to sanitation.

         International Development Enterprises: Provides water and earning opportunities for poor rural households around the world.

About Agora for Good:

Agora is a new platform that allows individuals to build personal ‘virtual foundations.’  Agora makes funding exceptional nonprofits easy and delightful. Donors can give to their favorite nonprofits (e.g. alma maters) and discover the best nonprofits working in a variety of sectors which represent the most pressing issues facing the globe today.

Author: Angela Rastegar Campbell, Agora for Good

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